Sobchak shot a parody of “drunk” Buzova

Sobchak shot a parody of "drunk" Buzova

Sobchak shot a parody of “drunk” Buzova

Ksenia Sobchak shot a parody of a series of stories by Olga Buzova , recorded by her after returning to the Russian Federation and during parting with her boyfriend. The TV presenter ridiculed Buzova’s indignation over the sudden replacement of the airport and the breakup of her former colleague at Dom-2 on the air of her YouTube project Beware, News!

Sobchak imagined how she would have parted with Konstantin Bogomolov if she had taken an example from Buzova. Ksenia and her family recently returned from a vacation in the Maldives, where Olga and David Manukyan celebrated the New Year a little earlier and where, according to the singer of the hit “Little Halves”, they quarreled with the blogger.

The Sobchak parody is a series of “revelations” stories about the scandalous behavior of Bogomolov, who allegedly beats his wife, spits at her and cheats on her with a rubber doll. After the “leaking” of scandalous details, the TV presenter, like Buzova, again appears in front of the camera, but with obvious signs of alcohol intoxication: slow and incoherent speech, excessive emotionality. Recall that Buzova was caught drinking alcohol by subscribers after watching stories.

“I can be wrong, but I can not be wrong. I am doing it right or not … But in fact, I am doing everything right. I n *** a. Sorry, I’m here after the holiday. I blocked it. If you love me, you block him too, because you can’t do that. Do not go to his performances anymore, curse him in the cemetery at night, please, my people. I x *** o, “Sobchak said through mock crying.

Recall that Olga Buzova a day after celebrating her 35th birthday announced her breakup with Dava, and then began to write down stories in which she talked about what a “monster” her ex-boyfriend was. She laid out all the ins and outs of the relationship with the blogger: abuse, violence, betrayal, hysteria. In one of the videos, Olga turned to fans with a request to block Manukyan on Instagram, where more than 13 million users follow his page. At the same time, many suggested that Buzova was drunk: a red face, inhibited and confused speech. Dava’s mother intervened in the conflict, who reproached Buzova with debauchery and alcoholism : “A drunken story is scribbling.”

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