Lopyreva’s husband was suspected of multimillion-dollar debts

Lopyreva's husband was suspected of multimillion-dollar debts

Lopyreva’s husband was suspected of multimillion-dollar debts

Residents of Komi are discussing the likely multimillion-dollar debt of the husband of Victoria Lopyreva , who is the first deputy chairman of the republic’s government. Local telegram channels circulated the news that Igor Bulatov allegedly owes the bank 11 million rubles, reports KP .

There is no official confirmation of this news yet, but journalists have found two claims on the website of the Moscow City Court, in which the role of the defendant is assigned to Bulatov I.B. costs. But it was not possible to find out the amount that the defendant owes, because anonymized decisions that protect personal data have recently been published on the courts’ websites. By the way, the claim was satisfied at the end of August 2020. Bulatov became deputy chairman of the government in October of the same year.

If Bulatov really owes the bank, then the rumors about his dire financial situation will turn out to be true. Not so long ago, there were rumors that Lopyreva allegedly wanted to divorce Bulatov because of this. Neither the politician nor his wife comment on such speculations. Victoria, on the contrary, demonstrates in social networks a family idyll with her husband.


More than 3 months have passed since the gossip about the upcoming divorce of Bulatov and Lopyreva arose. Lopyreva still does not give a sign of possible problems in the family. She recently amazed the Moscow crowd with her blooming appearance during the celebration of the birthday of designer Anastasia Zadorina. For the party, Victoria opted for an asymmetrically tailored powder-colored dress with rhinestones that accentuated the bronze color of the blonde’s skin. By the way, after the holiday, the model went for a new portion of tanning: Lopyreva, together with her son Mark Lionel, flew to the Greek island of Mykonos.

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